The Nature-forward Movement

We live in a world, where the excesses of technology have taken us away from our roots. Today, parents take children to a mall, instead of a walk around a lake. Our lives in the metropolis are determined by the pace of the mechanical clock, and the unthinking urgency of action. In this rush, we forget to pause, observe and learn from nature. The 'narratives of progress' that are being advanced are unsustainable and inflict violence on nature, destabilizing the delicate balance that Mother Earth had carefully crafted for its children.

At Kanha, nature exists in awe inspiring stillness and beauty. The Green Kanha movement envisions a space, where humankind and nature, both don’t just co-exist in harmony , but where humankind is able to learn its lessons from nature, integral to its own experience of a balanced evolution .

In September 2012, the World Congress of the International Union of Nature, passed a resolution declaring that children had the human right to experience the natural world. Such a declaration was instrumental in protecting nature from human excesses, and inculcating environmental morality in the generations to come. Kanha is home to the many generations of the future, that will seek to actively recreate peace and harmony in the world by cultivating a culture of synchronicity with nature and a loving relationship with her.