The Green Kanha Initiative invites your valuable contributions both at a personal and corporate level.

Individuals may contribute by sponsoring a tree, or actively volunteer in the plantation efforts on site.

Corporates can get involved as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. They may contribute by:

  • Sponsorship for Plantation: Monetary Sponsorship of plantation of a cluster of trees
  • Sponsorship for Maintenance: Monetary Sponsorship of maintenance of the mini-forests
  • Volunteering: Volunteer at the Plantation site, participating in plantation activity along with an optional rejuvenating meditation session.
  • Company Milestones: Marking Company Milestones/ Important events or launches by sponsoring a Tree Cluster on behalf of the company
  • Gifting Clients: Thank new/ loyal existing clients through sponsorship of a tree on their behalf.
  • Gifting Employees: Gift employees by sponsoring a tree on their behalf to mark loyalty rewards, birthday presents, weddings and other special occasions.
Personalized e-tree certificates will be provided for all contributions.
  1. Sample Certificate 1
  2. Sample Certificate 2
  3. Sample Certificate 3