About Us

Our Story

The focus of the Green Kanha Movement, is a spiritual retreat centre, we call Kanha Shantivanam. Located in the dry and arid environs of Ranga Reddy District with fast depleting groundwater and tracts of dry barren land, an urgent need to take action was felt. In the month of April 2017, A handful of environmentally conscious volunteers started the Green Kanha movement, with love, hope and a passion to grow and restore its lush green spaces and transform Kanha into an ex - situ conservation centre.

In the landscaping efforts at Kanha, ecologically, economically and socio-culturally important native tree species are grown. An arboretum of medicinally important trees, a germplasm bank of the tree species from peninsular India with seedling seed orchards and clonal seed orchards are being set up. Several hundred trees, cut due to road widening projects have found a new lease of life after being trans-located at Kanha.

Today, this ecologically transformative movement has inspired citizens from all over the world. Forgoing differences of nationality, language, race, class and gender, together we strive to create resplendent green spaces where the beneficial vibratory fields generated by trees resonate an ideal inner environment.