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All seekers of spirituality from around the world are welcome to come and meditate here,in the purity and sanctity of the atmosphere at Kanha Shanti Vanam.

Kanha Shanti Vanam is located in the suburbs of Hyderabad close to the Bangalore highway. Magnificent in its conception and design, tranquil in its atmosphere, Kanha blends the beauty of nature with sprawling facilities being built to cater to the future of the Heartfulness movement.

The construction of this high place of Sahaj Marg has been progressing for a few years: The superb Babuji memorial has been unveiled; the first set of apartment blocks have been handed over; the permanent dormitories will be operational shortly; the construction of the grand meditation hall is now underway. Thousands of trees have been planted and the entire campus is awash with a hue of green. Over the next few years, we will see the transformation of this venue into a veritable garden of Eden, befitting its name. More Details


Event Glimpses

International Youth Seminar - 12 to 15 August 2018

The second international youth seminar at Kanha Shanti Vanam unofficially began on the evening of the 12 August, following the evening group meditation.

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International Youth Seminar - 16 to 17 August 2018

The fourth day of the seminar began with a wonderful satsangh conducted by Daaji. Nature also rejoiced and showered us with light rain.

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International Youth Seminar - 17 August 2018

Today’s session found its way to our hearts, which blossomed as we directed our awareness towards the heart and tried to capture the whispers arising from it. We sowed the seeds of pure intention, and with sensitivity tried to reap them as the heart whispers its dream.

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International Youth Seminar - 18 August 2018

The morning of the 18th dawned with the fragrance of culmination. This special seminar, a journey in itself, concluded with a satsangh, after which Daaji gave a short heartfelt message:

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Kanha Shantivanam ( May 2018 - Aug 2018 )

Glimpses of Kanha Shantivanam, highlighting some of the infrastructure developments, and some important guidance from Daaji.

Master Plan

Master Plan

Completed Projects

Under Design Facilities

Under Construction Facilities

Calendar of Events

  • International Heartfulness Celebrations (April Bhandara 2019)

    Dear Ones,
    It is with profound joy that we announce the celebrations for the 120th Birth Anniversary of Pujya Shri Babuji Maharaj at Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad. The celebrations will commence with the morning group meditation on 29 April and conclude with the morning group meditation on 1 May.

    Registration is mandatory for all visitors including children. Please provide all necessary details in this form, so that teams can organize well. 

    Elders above the age of 70, and children below the age of 5, are advised not to visit Kanha at this time, as the weather is generally very hot, and conditions are difficult.

    Revered Daaji is conducting a GITP workshop (in hindi) from May 2 - May 4 evening, following the celebrations.  Please plan to attend the workshop and make your travel bookings accordingly. One can register for this workshop in this form itself.

    The accommodation options available at Kanha are:
    General Dormitories and Tents: Four three-storey dormitory buildings are available at the North block, in addition to the tents. Accommodation for elderly people will be on the ground floor of the dormitories, and a limited number of beds will be available, issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Comfort Dormitories: There are four two-storey buildings with bunk beds in all the rooms. A/C and Non A/C options are available. Online Booking from this page is mandatory for the Comfort Dorms.

    the Pearl : the executive block with 40 rooms is available next to the Comfort Dormitories. For bookings, contact

    Madhuvanam and Kaivalya Dham Serviced Apartments: Around 45 studio and one-bedroom service apartments are available. For bookings, contact 

    There are no mandatory registration fees for attending the celebration, however events of this magnitude incur a cost of around Rs 1000/- per participant. Please donate as much as possible, as per your convenience. 

    Online donations can be made by clicking on the Donate Online button after registering. You can also donate at your local centres and at the venue. 

    For your convenience, transport will be arranged from Secunderabad, Kacheguda, Shadnagar, and Vikarabad railway stations and the airport. Please fill the transportation section in the registration form and update the information based on any changes in your plans. This will help us plan the number of buses and cabs required at various times.

    The weather at the venue during this time of the year is likely to be extremely hot. That is why elders, above the age of 70, and children below the age of 5 are requested not to attend. This request is meant with the very best of intentions. Kanha is equipped with only the most basic medical facilities, so those with poor health, mental or psychiatric conditions are also asked not to attend.

    It is mandatory for all overseas visitors who have an Indian Visa to fill out an FRRO Form, a requirement from the Indian Government. OCI & PIO cardholders need not fill out this form. The link for the Online FRRO Form will be available on the Registrations Confirmation page.

    This is a great opportunity to render service by volunteering. There are more than 50 different volunteering activities during the celebration, so please select one most suited to you on this registration form. It will help each department to contact you and coordinate better. 

    It is often difficult to get enough volunteers for duties like sanitation, housekeeping, parking and security. We therefore invite centres to take up these areas. Please let us know in advance the number of volunteers expected from each centre, by sending an email to

    We also request each zone to send 5 to 10 volunteers one week before the celebration. This group will coordinate and plan activities with their respective zones. 

    We invite you to practise intensely in preparation for the celebration: take regular sittings, be absorbed in the meditative state as much as possible, read the Mission literature, and make positive suggestions in your free time, including:

    Everyone is developing correct thinking, right understanding and an honest approach to life. They are attaining rightness in action and perfection in character.

    Everything surrounding us, the air particles, people, the birds, the trees … everything around us is deeply absorbed in Godly remembrance. All are in osmosis with the Source developing increased peacefulness and moderation. 

    As construction activities are continuing in Kanha and accommodation is limited, regretfully we will be able to accommodate only 25,000 participants for the celebration. Those travelling by flight or train are requested to register after their tickets have been bought. Those travelling by private vehicle are requested to register only if they are sure to attend. Kindly note, last minute cancellations may deprive others of an opportunity to attend.

    Looking forward to see you at the Celebrations!

    Celebrations Team @ Kanha

  • Preceptors Refresher Training - Jun 2019

    This training is part of the ongoing series of trainings for existing preceptors (heartfulness trainers) who have been permitted before 1.1.2015.