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62nd Birthday Celebrations of Beloved Daaji,
Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad
27, 28 and 29 September 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


We invite you all with profound love and joy to join the 62nd Birthday Celebrations of Beloved Daaji, at Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad. This celebration will commence with the evening group meditation on 27th September 2017 and conclude with the morning group meditation on 29th September 2017. The theme of the seminar will be ‘Connecting to the Heart: A new era in awakening the Self ’.

Registrations are open for the Celebrations. Due to the limited facilities at the venue, this celebrations will be limited to 30000 participants only and accordingly, registrations will be closed. Please register online as soon as possible. While registering, please provide all the necessary detail, which will help in better planning for all the facilities at the venue, and keep your registration information updated in case of any changes in the plans.


Let us come together in the spirit of love and unity, and celebrate the 62nd birth anniversary of our Beloved Daaji.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

With Love
Celebrations Team @ Kanha

Preparing for the Bhandara

It (Bhandara) is like bathing in the most-cool waters of a Sarovar (Lake), which makes possible a spiritual renewal of the abhyasi bathing in it, indeed drowning in it, if that can be made possible.

Revered Master

Let us take the time to ready ourselves to offer our Beloved Chariji Maharaj the most beautiful birthday gift: willing, open and loving heart that is eager to receive what He wants to give us in His immense Love. The celebrations are a Divine opportunity for us to receive the Manna (spiritual nourishment from above) and to immerse ourselves in this very special Sarovar.

Preparing ourselves spiritually

To get the full spiritual benefit of the celebrations, we must prepare ourselves months in advance and increase the intensity of our Sadhana to attend the Bhandara with fervour.

  • Let us do our individual practice in a disciplined manner.
  • Let us be regular in taking individual sittings and attending Sunday Satsanghs.
  • Let us reflect on the purpose of attending a Bhandara, remembering that Ashram is a place where our spiritual progress is supported by an environment that has been especially created to promote our spiritual growth, being a place for rejuvenation of the true Self.

Preparing ourselves physically

  • We abhyasis remind ourselves that washing of clothes is strictly forbidden. Let us ensure that we have enough clothing with us to cover the entire trip to the Bhandara.
  • We also remember to compulsorily wear the Mission ID card in the ashram premises.

During the Bhandara

Let us treat the celebration venue as Master’s home. Let us immerse ourselves in the spiritual atmosphere.

  • It is our duty to maintain the spiritual atmosphere present in these ashrams.
  • If you come with children, help them to appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the place and explain the purpose of the Bhandara. A natural sensitivity and awareness allows children to understand, and they will also benefit from the ashram atmosphere.
  • Maintain mutual love and brotherhood, which create lightness in the atmosphere, and strengthens the harmony among the abhyasis.
  • Maintain inner silence within your hearts as well as silence on the outside to the extent possible. In silence you will find the inner Master.
  • No personal meetings with Rev. Master will be entertained, and all abhyasis are requested to co-operate and give Master the time and space required for rest.
  • Gossiping, negative thinking, entering into arguments, should be avoided.
  • The individual daily Sadhana of Meditation, Cleaning and Bed-time Prayer must be done as usual during the celebrations also.
  • Individual sittings are not necessary during the celebrations. Instead, use the time for meditation.
  • Please maintain the tents and surroundings neat and clean. Similarly, please take care to keep the other areas of the celebration venue (meditation hall, canteen, dining area, dormitories, toilets, etc) as clean as possible.
  • Please conserve water. It is important that everyone uses water efficiently.
  • Kindly put all waste in the designated waste bins only.
  • Sleep early unless there are specific volunteer duties assigned to you. Kindly refrain from staying up late into the night.

After the Bhandara

It must be our earnest endeavour that we maintain the spiritual condition and the Grace bestowed on us during the celebration

  • Please maintain the condition that you have been bestowed with, even as you go back to your homes and continue to maintain the Grace that has filled you.
  • Leave your dormitory areas in a clean condition and throw away unnecessary things in designated waste bins.
  • There is always a need for volunteers for post-bhandara activities. Abhyasis who can stay back after celebrations are requested to kindly volunteer for the winding-up operations.
  • Revered Master advises not to combine tourism with attending the Bhandara. If it is unavoidable, in the interest of your spiritual welfare, it is advised that tourism may be completed before you arrive at the venue of the Bhandara. It is advised that abhyasi goes straight home after the conclusion of Bhandara and protect their spiritual blessings bestowed on them.

Let us all get together in large numbers on this auspicious occasion with hearts full of Love and Gratitude to celebrate in great fervour and drown ourselves in the Special atmosphere created in the Bhandara.

Online Registration

Registration for the Celebrations is open. All participants who plan to attend are requested to register as soon as possible. It will be of great help if participants could register before 15th of June, 2017. This will help us to accurately plan the infrastructure and logistics for the celebration. The registration links are below.

Please note a few changes in the registration process this time:

  1. All registrations should be done either online or via SMS. No center based registration in excel will be needed this time.
  2. All ashrams and centers could setup counters for abhyasis to either access the online registration form or learn the SMS based process.
  3. Every participant should pre-register to help us plan the onsite resources properly.
  4. Everyone will be able to de-register themselves in case their plan changes later.


SMS Based Registration facility has been added for those who do not have online access to pre-register. Please note preferred mode of pre-registration is still web based registration. Also this is for Abhyasis in India only, overseas abhyasis should use the web based pre-registration.

Send SMS in the following format to +91 98496 23997

For Registration: REG 22 N INSHAA114, INSHAA115, INSHAA116, INSGAA117, INSHAA118
REG prefix for registration
22 arrival date
T/C/N Tent / Comfort Dorm / Not Required
Abhyasi IDs.
Email ID.

For Cancellation: CAN INSHAA114

Kanha Ashram Transport Enquiry +91 88925 08090


The Hyderabad [HYD] airport (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) is the closest to the venue. From 25th to 27th September, SRCM volunteers will be present at the airport near McDonalds outlet. If you need a pick-up before this date, please reach out to Kanha Transport Desk (


Abhyasis outside India may kindly note that train tickets within India can be booked online at Payment can be made online as well, with international credit cards.

Volunteers will be present at the Secunderabad, Kacheguda, Shadnagar and Vikarabad Railway Stations during 25th to 27th September. No transport facility available from Hyderabad (Nampally) Railway Station. Buses are arranged from the following stations, please follow the instructions of the volunteers to get into the buses.

Secunderabad (50kms from Kanha): Bus parking adjacent to Platform No. 10 [behind Auto Stand] ].

Vikarabad (55kms from Kanha): Trains sourcing from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and the other western regions will pass through Tandur, Wadi and Vikarabad to reach Secunderabad and Hyderabad stations. We have requested Railway authorities to stop the trains at Vikarabad station.

Shadnagar (20kms from Kanha): Trains plying to Kacheguda will pass through Kurnool, Jadcherla, Mahaboobnagar and Shadnagar. We have requested Railway authorities to stop the trains at Shadnagar station.

Kacheguda (45kms from Kanha): All the trains reaching Kacheguda pass through either one of the stations mentioned above (Secunderabad or Shadnagar) and we expect your cooperation to follow the instructions above and get down at the respective stations. In case of exceptions, the abhyasis reaching Kacheguda need not worry; volunteers will be there to guide you.


Kurnool/Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway Route: For all the Abhyasis travelling by buses via Bangalore, Kurnool, and Anantapur region, the pick-up point is at Timmapur Police Checkpost [kindly lookout for milestone: 33KM to Hyderabad]. Shuttle services are arranged from Timmapur Police Checkpost to the venue. Please notify your bus driver/attendant that you need to be dropped at milestone: 33KM to Hyderabad.

Other Routes: Abhyasis travelling from other routes are requested to go to Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS). Please board any public bus from MGBS to Shadnagar/Jadcherla, and get down at Timmapur Police Checkpost; and take the shuttle services to the venue.

Private Transport

Multiple routes leading to the venue are pretty narrow and not completely tarred. We have made our best efforts to bring them into shape and have also planned optimally to leverage these multiple routes. As we all know, we are always graced with rain during the celebrations. These rains are expected to be severe and to affect the condition of the roads. The venue is also surrounded by several villages. A large number of ins and outs might dust the houses near the road and cause inconvenience to the villagers. Hence, we request all nearby centers to carpool or bus pool as much as possible. We expect your sincere cooperation. This will help us tremendously.

Note: If you plan to reach Hyderabad/Secunderabad before 21st July, you are requested to inform us by mailing your travel details to

Kanha Ashram Transport Enquiry


General accommodation in tents will be available for all participants at the venue.

Comfort Dorms

Limited independent dormitory accommodation will also be available at the venue, for which a separate communication will be issued soon. You may please check for more information.

** No service apartments are available during this Bhandara.

Note: If it rains during the Bhandara, we may experience quite cold nights and mornings. Abhyasis are advised to bring warm blankets as a precaution.

Nearby Hotels

We have contacted the hotels around Kanha and negotiated rates for our abhyasis to stay during the celebration. Abhyasis are requested to do bookings directly with these hotels.

List of Hotels

We require over 2000 volunteers to manage the preparatory work prior to celebrations, during the celebrations and post celebrations. We request that at each center or zone, volunteers group together like 10/20/30 etc in number and inform us your willingness to take up any particular work or work in general. Each group can have a group coordinator or point of contact with whom we can communicate about the work assigned or to be assigned. This will help us organize and manage the work easily. We need about 500 volunteers to stay for at least 3 days after the celebrations for winding-up the work.

Centers are also requested to encourage everyone to participate, as possible, in voluntary work. Each center may send a list of volunteers/group info to The list should include: the name of the center, all volunteer names (brothers and sisters separately), the area of volunteer work, and approximate dates of arrival and departure. This will enable the organizers to plan accordingly.

Transportation from the railway stations for volunteers

Kindly note that there will be no bus or van facility available before, 21st July 2017, however, participants will be guided to reach the venue. Please write to or call on 88925 08090 for transportation help.

Volunteering Departments

  • Accommodation
  • Accounts
  • Book sales
  • Bookstores
  • Canteen
  • Comfort dorm
  • Dining
  • Dish washing
  • Donation counter
  • Food transport
  • General
  • Help desk
  • Hospitality
  • House keeping
  • Internal Transportation
  • Kitchen
  • Medical center
  • Meditation hall
  • Plate washing
  • Registration
  • Safety
  • Sanitation
  • Security
  • Service to volunteers
  • Site clean up
  • Solid waste management
  • Transportation
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Water supply
  • Welcome desk

On an average, the cost for the three day celebrations cost us more than a thousand rupees per person.  Please donate generously as per your convenience. You can donate either online, or at your local center or at the venue.